For more than a decade of developing a technology ecosystem dedicated to the tourism industry, VietISO always strives to devote and improve the Vietnamese Tourism step by the wings of "digitalization". The year 2019 closes with impressive transformations which are vivid proof for the efforts and enthusiasm of VietISO's staff.

Impressive numbers for 2019

Launched 3 versions of TravelMaster

*January 29, 2019: TravelMaster Version - Authorization and approval - Booking Series - CRM customer management system

*May 29, 2019: TravelMaster Version: - Tour program template - Multi - branding - Master Booking

*September 28, 2019: TravelMaster Version: - Detailed discount table for children according to each NCC policy - Price according to the range of guests for Land tour service

Completion of the OneGuide 98% App - Expected to launch in the second quarter of 2020

OneGuide App - Mobile application that helps connect nearly 3,000 Guides with more than 2600 Travel businesses across the country has been completed 98% after more than 500 days incubating ideas and deployment.oneguide-app

OneGuide helps:

- Connecting tour guides and travel businesses for free

- HDV creates and manages the itinerary of tours, exchanges, make friends, share itineraries anytime, anywhere, search for suitable tours

- Travel Business self-creating and managing tour itineraries, recruiting, sharing tour information, businesses

- Users can easily use 2 languages ​​English - Vietnamese

- Create a transparent and civilized connection environment.

51 Website was completed and handed over

Right from the "birth", the website has been invested and developed by VietISO because it recognizes the particularly important influence of this platform in the context of industry 4.0. In 2019, the isoCMS website data management system is constantly updated with new technologies to make it easier to manipulate, manage and sell smarter. In particular, we are always updating and leading the trend in design with unique and impressive interfaces, consistent with the professional nature of each product and industry.


Typical websites completed and handover in 2019 of VietISO include:













115 new enterprises using TravelMaster Software 

As a leading product studied and developed over the past five years, travelmaster - has affirmed its role, position and importance in governance and administration operations. The best evidence is that hundreds of firms with large scale from large to small applications have applied software, pioneering the application of the technology platform to business. It could be like tnk travel, top ten travel, asia travel group, asia king travel, win way, halo tour,..... 


Only in 2019, there were 115 new businesses using the software. This is a proud number for the relentless efforts of VietISO team in recent years.

With the trust of our customers and partners, we are constantly updating the latest technology, constantly offering product improvement solutions to meet customer needs and keep up with the trend of development. development. Each version is a breakthrough change that completely overcomes the limitations of the old version, while providing businesses with a perfect security system, maximum support in operating and managing work. .

Orientation on the hinge year 2020 - Accompanying with the development of Vietnam's tourism industry Vietnam tourism development strategy to 2020, vision to 2030 is built in the context of the decade transfer showing the striving for the whole tourism industry.

By 2020, Vietnam will become an attractive and prestigious destination in the region; The tourism industry has really become a spearhead industry with professionalism, modernity, quality, brand name, competitiveness, bearing the Vietnamese cultural identity and environment friendliness. By 2020, strive to welcome 11-12 million international visitors, 45-48 million domestic tourists, direct tourism income reaches 18-19 billion USD, contributing 6.5-7% of GDP, creating 3 million jobs, of which 870,000 are direct jobs.


In order to achieve the above goals, it is necessary to follow the trend of global integration, cooperation and competition, expand exchanges and enhance the application of advanced science and technology in the context of the knowledge-based economy at the same time. breakthrough solutions based on the status and development resources of the country.

As a leading enterprise in providing products and technology platforms specifically applied to the tourism industry, VietISO is committed to accompanying all activities of the industry, building the most solid pedal especially technology for all businesses to improve competitiveness in the context of digitalization.

Entering the new year, a new decade, many opportunities open up, but there will also be many difficulties ahead, we will constantly strive and develop to bring practical solution values, accompanying every business enterprise "Beyond the Universe". Contributing intelligence and intelligence to the renovation and development of Vietnam's tourism industry in the context of decades of transition, globalization trends, knowledge-based economy, high technology, new value standards and tolerance. impacts of climate change.

A year of hard work is about to pass, VietISO hopes that on our upcoming journey, we will always receive the cooperation of our customers and partners. Your trust and support is the motivation for our dedication to create the most positive experiences and values ​​for the community. We would like to thank our customers and partners for being an integral part of our success.

To welcome the new spring Canh Ty 2020, VietISO wishes customers and partners a lot of health, happiness and success. May our cooperation be everlasting and ever-growing.

Best regards./.

VietISO Team

Posted by: Thao Phuong | March 16, 2020

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