This morning (November 18), at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace, the opening ceremony of the Vietnam International Tourism Fair - VITM Hanoi 2020 was held with the theme "Digital transformation to develop tourism in Vietnam".


Opening ceremony of VITM Fair 2020

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the Government, committees of the Party and National Assembly, Embassies of some countries in Vietnam, leaders of some provinces and cities, and the State management agency in China tourism. Nationalities and localities, representatives of the UNESCO Travel Club, Tourism Associations, and international and Vietnamese tourism businesses.

With the theme "Digital transformation to develop tourism in Vietnam", the Organizing Committee encourages participation in the fair to offer initiatives in the management, business and tourism activities associated with the transformation. number to Vietnam Tourism to continue to maintain the growth momentum in the coming years.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung said that by 2020, the world economy will suffer unprecedented pressure and Vietnam is not out of that rule, especially especially the tourism industry. It can be said that Vietnam's tourism has never faced such difficulties, the estimated damage is up to 23 billion USD.

“We have seriously followed the direction of the Party and Government: Turn risks into threats, find opportunities. I believe that VITM Hanoi 2020 will bring new ways to overcome difficulties, and build tourism as a spearhead under the Politburo's Resolution 08 / NQ-TW, especially with the theme of digital transformation, We are simultaneously implementing Resolution 52 / NQ-TW of the Politburo. I believe that by experience after 8 years of organization, VITM will be an opportunity to motivate, demonstrate our faith and solidarity to help us overcome the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year, VITM Hanoi has the participation of more than 300 booths of businesses, management agencies and tourism promotion from 47 provinces and cities nationwide. In addition, the Organizing Committee also received the participation of representative offices of 6 countries and territories including Thailand, Peru, Japan, Korea, Colombia, and Taiwan.


Visitors to the booths in the fair

It is known that participating businesses are ready to provide attractive stimulus packages with the same number of flight tickets and discount tours as last year, in which there are deep discounts from 30-40% , but also the main product to upgrade the service quality. In particular, the organizers reserve an area for technology companies to introduce modern technologies, how to apply them in tourism management and business activities.

In addition to activities to stimulate demand, promote and introduce tourism products, VITM Hanoi Tourism Fair 2020 also takes place with many other contents such as: Promotion activities, information exchange between tourism businesses. ; activities of introducing software, applications for digital transformation of tourism businesses; Ceremony honoring the typical organizations, businesses and individuals of the Vietnam Tourism Association in 2019.

Ratiwan Boonprakhong, Representative School of Tourism Authority of Thailand in Vietnam, said: “We are working hard to find ways to operate and share experiences with each other to benefit and realize that we are partner rather than competitor. If we see this crisis as an opportunity to revitalize tourist destinations, to accumulate knowledge for people working in the tourism industry ”.

Posted by: Phuong Thao | December 23, 2020

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