Member benefits

Last updated on 23/12/20

Joining the UNESCO Hanoi Travel Club is joining a network that connects the tourism business community across the country, improving the status of your business and enjoying practical benefits that can only be created through clubs, specific interests Membership forms include:

- Exchange and meet with businesses inside and outside the industry, domestic and international: HUTC connects businesses with strong community members, with a nationwide network.

- Have their rights protected and participate in the activities of building sector development policies and supporting business development.

- HUTC members are protected with legitimate rights and interests, consulted and answered urgent problems, policy problems related to the operation of the business.

- Members have the right to contribute to building and proposing mechanisms and policies to create a favorable environment for business activities to develop.

- To be provided with industry information, business cooperation opportunities with domestic and international partners - To be provided with information on strategies, industry development trends through conferences, seminars...

- To be provided with information on legal documents and policies related to the industry.

- To share information about business opportunities with domestic and foreign partners.

- Experience sharing, knowledge improvement, human resource training and development: Member enterprises have the opportunity to learn, share experiences, improve knowledge and foster human resources when participating in activities. organized regularly by HUTC such as: specialized conferences, seminars; Business tours, meetings, and sharing experiences among members; General activities of the club as well as of clubs and groups of members; Research, research and development support activities are carried out by HUTC and its affiliates.

- Participate in specific and specialized training courses, skills training courses, capacity building knowledge ... organized or jointly organized by HUTC. Forums to exchange issues of mutual interest related to the operations of businesses.

Many other specific benefits of HUTC members: To be congratulated, shared by the club on holidays, New Year, anniversary...; To participate in the election and stand for election to the Executive Board of the club; To participate in voting the awards organized by HUTC;...

We are committed to doing our best for the development of the community of member businesses to make the tourism industry in Vietnam grow and reach out further!

Hanoi UNESCO Travel Club